The first Serverless AWS Data Lake Platform Developed for Self-Service BI, Ml, AI & AA

Amazon Data Lake Simplified

Amorphic Lake simplifies analytics for all users and teams by orchestrating and automating analytic pipelines & workflows across AWS services, infrastructure and analytic tools and platforms.



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Attebury Grain




Ventacity Systems

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“We have become a data-driven company and our data teams are innovating at a level that we never thought possible.”

Lindsay Reynolds

Business Process Manager, Attebury Grain, LLC

“Amorphic has unified AWS analytics for our IT, Infosec, data producers and data teams reducing the time and cost it takes to build new data pipelines, dashboards and notebooks"

Joe McGowan

Chief Solution Architect, Ventacity Systems

"Cloudwick allows us to focus on the things that really matter such as providing excellent customer service and operational excellence, whilst having best in class partners to work with."

Abigail Burgess

Data & Analytics Manager, SGN

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