Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Easily Add Amazon Artificial Intelligence for computer vision, NLP, speech recognition, image, text, document, audio and video using Amorphic Unified Analytics.

Amorphic Simplifies Artificial Intelligence Services

For Analyst, Business Users, Developers & Data Scientists

The race to adopt and implement AI in business process has already begun and the Amorphic Unified Analytic Platform makes it easier with its self-service managed AI service portfolio and for those businesses that need to build and or customize AI services they can do it using the Amorphic Data AI and ML workbench to build, train and deploy.

Top AI Use Cases

(% of respondents)

Predictive analytics


Real time operational management


Customer Service


Risk Management & Analytics


Customer Insights


Customer Experience


Research & Development


Supply chain, procurement or
logistics optimization


Human Resources


Fraud Detection


Knowledge Detection


Pricing & Promotion


Social Engagement


Amorphic Unified Analytics Makes it Simple for all Users & Teams

To buy or build Artificial Intelligence Services using AWS
Buy AI
Managed AI
Build AI
Using Amazon
Simplify AI
Using Amorphic Lake
& Self-Service
Production AI
Fast, Scalable,
Serverless & Low Cost

Easily Add Amazon Artificial Intelligence

To your applications and analytics using Amorphic

Using the Amorphic Unified Analytic Platform, your organization can now use the same AI services that
Amazon uses for vision, document, speech, language, chatbots, forecasting and recommendation without having
to hire data scientist to build, train, tune and manage. Because Amazon uses the same deep learning technology
that powers and our ML Services, you get quality and accuracy from continuously-learning APIs.
And best of all, AI Services on AWS don't require machine learning experience.


Personalize experience of your customer with the same recommendation technology used at


Build accurate forecasting models based on same Ml learning forecasting technology used by

Image & Video Analysis

Add image & video analysis from your apllication to catalog assets, automate media workflow, and extract meaning.

Advanced Text Analytics

Use natural language processing to extract insights & relationships from unstructured text

Document Analysis

Automatically extract text & data from millons of in just hours, reducing manual efforts.


Turn text into lifelike speech to give voice to your application

Conversational Agents

Easy build conversational agents to improve customer service & increase contact centre efficiency


Expand your reach through efficient & cost effective translation to reach audience in mutiple languages


Easily add high -quality speech – to text capabilities to your applications
& workflows

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