Amorphic Data Lake
Data Lake as a Service

No infrastructure to manage, no knobs to tune & one metadata catalog to power all data search, sharing & analytics

Built for All Businesses

One relational, unstructured & semi - structured data lake to power all users, analytics & machine learning.

Amazon Future Proof

A native powered data lake built exclusively for Amazon Redshift, Athena, Sagemaker Ml & more

Data Lake Analytics Simplified for IT & All Users

Amorphic Unified Analytics enables IT, analyst, business users and data scientist to do more, faster and cheaper with their data using the complete power of self-service data pipeline to analytic workflow orchestration and automation across AWS Redshift, Athena, EMR, QuickSight, Dynamo DB, Elastic Search, SageMaker using Glue, Lambdas & more makes it easier with its self-service managed AI service portfolio and for those businesses that need to be build or customize AI services they can do it using the Amorphic Data AI and ML workbench to build, train and deploy.

Amorphic Unified Analytics


Reduce Cost, Increase Performance
with Concurrent Scalability

Amorphic Unified Analytics Is a serverless AWS Data Lake Platform that offers lowest cost and highest performance data warehouse and big data queries, jobs and analytics.


Managed Self-Service Platform

No IT required. Offered as a SaaS
or a Managed Platform

No IT required but if they want to monitor and manage Users and services they can do that from the ease of the IT Administrator access control panel from their own AWS Account. If IT or the business prefers they can also run Amorphic as a SaaS from Cloudwick.

Data Connectors

For Self-Service Batch &

Effortlessly move data to Amorphic Data from laptops, customer file uploads, file servers, databases and more.

Data Connectors
One Data Dictionary

One Data Dictionary

For all users, apps and tools

Powerful metadata catalogue transformed from any text document, image, audio or video file or stream protected by data owner and user access and permissions for faster data driven insights from all your data.

Fast Search

For Meta Data from All Data

Amorphic Data solves one of the biggest challenges that analytic users, data scientist and data-driven app developers have finding the right data for building better business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

For all users, apps and tools

Amorphic Data uses powerful data access and permission controls for data owners to control who can view and use their data using role based access and authorization for secure datastring.

Cloud Engineered

For Amazon Cloud Data Analytics

Built for the Amazon Cloud, Amorphic Data makes it easy for organizations to share, search and analyze any data across the data warehouse, business intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms of their choice all from a modern serverless data and analytic platform.

Cloud Engineered

Add Unstructured

Data to your Data Warehouse,
Analytics & more

Amorphic Data keeps it easy for any analytic users, data scientist or data-driven app to query, report and apply advanced analytics to any text or pdf document, audio or video file, photo with or without traditional structured and semi structured data.

Security, Compliance & Governance

Built for the Cloud

Enterprise grade security, compliance and governance comes with Amorphic Data powered by fine grained role-based access protection for all data, users and actions. Data is always encrypted and AWS key management is supported.


Machine Learning

& Advanced Analytics Made Simple

Amorphic Data integrates with 100’s of Amazon SageMaker Marketplace 3rd party machine learning models making advanced analytics easier and more accessible for line business, data scientist and data-driven app developers.


Upto 92% Faster
Time to Data Lake Production for
Amorphic Data vs Build


Upto 90% Cheaper
To Build & Operate an Amorphic
Data Lake vs Build

Development To Production

Avg 30-60 Days
For Analytic Data Lake Use Case

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