Machine Learning (ML)

Amorphic Unified Analytics orchestrates and automates the entire ML workflow making it easier for users and teams to build, train, deploy & manage production ML models

Use Amorphic to Buy or Build Your own ML Models

Using Amazon Marketplace & SageMaker

Both private sector and public sector organizations consider ML essential to business strategy. Despite their optimism, businesses recognize several major obstacles to leveraging ML successfully. The major risks cited by executives when adopting machine learning is the cost or financial risks, the challenges involved with persuading employees to adopt new technology or learn new skills followed by the execution risks of not having the right people or tools to effectively implement machine learning. Amorphic Unified Analytics for machine learning is the game changer for organizations looking to modernize and take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution being powered by cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Amorphic Lake simplifies machine learning by orchestrating and automating the entire pipeline and workflow and process with self service intelligence connecting data and machine learning to AWS infrastructure and services providing one unified analytic platform for all users and teams to build, test and deploy to production machine learning models that are either bought or built.


Built-in, high
performance algorithm




Fully managed hosting
with auto-scaling

Amorphic Unified Analytics and AWS SageMaker

Solves ML Production Barriers

Amazon SageMaker automatically configures and optimizes TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, PyTorch, Chainer, Scikit-learn, SparkML, Horovod, Keras, and Gluon. Commonly used machine learning algorithms are built-in and tuned for scale, speed, and accuracy with over 200 additional pre-trained models and algorithms available in AWS Marketplace. You can also bring any other algorithm or framework by building it into a Docker container.

Algorithms & Model Packages

Machine learning models and algorithms for Amazon SageMaker

Discover and procure algorithms and model packages from AWS Marketplace using the Amorphic Unified Analytic Platform, and quickly deploy them in just a few clicks on Amazon SageMaker. You can choose from free, free-trial, and paid algorithms and model packages and assess the quality by reviewing product details such as descriptions, usage instructions, reviews, sample Jupyter notebooks, pricing, and support information. Algorithms and model packages deployed, tuned and managed in AWS Marketplace can be deployed directly on Amorphic using Amazon SageMaker through a Jupyter Notebook, SageMaker SDK, or AWS CLI. This experience is powered by the AWS Marketplace catalog and APIs so you get all of the same benefits as other products in AWS Marketplace, such as seamless deployment and consolidated billing.


Solutions in AWS Marketplace are easy to deploy, scale, and maintain infrastructure, so you can focus on data and model building.

Accessible & Fast

Find, buy, and deploy the solutions you need directly through Machine Learning platforms, such as Amazon SageMaker, and build machine learning applications even quicker.


AWS Marketplace has flexible payment options, like pay-as-you-go to monthly, or annual or multi-year terms.

Categories for algorithms and models for Amazon SageMaker

Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Speech Recognition

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