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AWS Data Lake Analytics Simplified

Today’s top companies have one thing in common they are data-driven and have better insights into competition, trends, customers and market opportunities because they have invested millions of dollars in the development of proprietary cloud analytics and machine learning platforms.

The Amorphic Data Unified Analytic Platform is offered as both a Software-as-a-Service and a Managed Subscription for AWS that automates, orchestrates and simplifies AI services, Machine Learning and Analytics for engineering, business and data science teams.

AWS Data

Powering AWS Data

Start querying data instantly. Get results in seconds.
Pay only for the queries that you run.

The Amorphic Data Unified Analytics Platform extends and enhances the power of cloud data warehouse and business intelligence for all data and users by providing one unified analytics platform to query and analyze data natively using AWS Athena or connect to Redshift. Amorphic Analytics provide data engineers and business users and teams with a unified analytics platform that accelerates time to insight while reducing the cost of analytics.

Pay by the second

With Amorphic Analytics and Amazon Athena you pay only for the queries that you run. Athena queries data directly in Amorphic Lake.

Unstructured Data

Amorphic Analytics makes it possible for business to now analyze unstructured data’s metadata and plot charts & dashboards.

Ad-Hoc Queries

Business analyst can query and build dashboards and reports directly from Amorphic Lake using QuickSight, Tableau and other familiar visualization tools.

Data Set Security

Amorphic Lake and Analytics provide dataset level access and controls for users and teams making it faster to explore, access and analyze data

Be self-reliant, get it done easier,
faster & cheaper with Amorphic

In most cases no need for help from IT or engineering as you can upload and build your own analytic pipelines using just the Amorphic self-service analytic workbench increasing user and team productivity. Want to analyze unstructured data too? Want to run a SQL query using Amazon QuickSight, Tableau or a Python Notebook? Want to buy or build an an AI NLP Service or ML Model and get answers today? Now you can using Amorphic Unified Analytics.


Powering AWS Sagemaker ML & AI

Unlocks the power of AI and ML for your business & engineering teams

Amorphic Data makes it possible for business, developer and ML engineering teams to easily, quickly and affordably buy, test and run any of the several hundred pre-built Amazon AI services and Amazon SageMaker ML models without the need for data scientist. If your organization has data scientist then they too will benefit from AmorphicLake, AI and ML as it provides them with access to all data fast and Amazon SageMaker for easy build, test and production deployment of their custom built machine learning models.

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The AWS Data Lake Platform

The first self-service AWS data lake for AI, ML & analytics

Using Amorphic Data your users and teams can securely ingest, prepare, search, share and build AI & ML applications, analytics, dashboards and reports quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Unlock the power of unified analytics on AWS and accelerate innovation and growth for your business.

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High Performance
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Auto Scaling
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