CX Transformation with Amorphic CXDP

Predict and Shape Customer Journeys with AWS

About Amorphic CXDP

  • A unified cloud analytics platform to store and process all CX data i.e. call center, chat, email, clickstream, VOC, and social.
  • Built-in ingestion, ETL, visualization, and access to all AWS AI/ML analytics and speech analytics in one place.
  • Integration with VoiceBase for speech analytics to unlock your call center voice data
  • Automation of data pipeline orchestration, governance and business workflow tasks

Amorphic CXDP



AWS/3rd party services

(Voice only)

Automated Ingestion & ETL Speech Analytics

Pre built Tableau dashboards for Contact drivers, Agent scorecards, Sales effectiveness, Churn, Call drill down

S3, Glue, Redshift, DynamoDB, VoiceBase, Tableau..

(All channels)

Basic + Cataloguing + Journey Analytics + Text Analytics+

Advanced data pipelines for predictive CX use cases with voice, email, chat, clickstream, mobile & VOC data

Basic + Elastic Search, Kinesis, QuickSight, SageMaker, AI services

Benefits of Amorphic CXDP


Brings agile approach to CX transformation


Unleash CX data to Data scientists for problem solving


Greater value to business from voice data


Pay as you go consumption

Getting Started