Data-driven opportunities across the Oil & Gas value chain from a Modern Data & Analytic Platform

Production Simulations & Monitor Production Efficiency




End-to-end data integration for reduced unplanned downtime


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GIS Data Model Integrations





Document Workflow Automations - Land, Lease, and Well production




Lease cessation tracking, WI/NRI changes - Land & Lease Management



LOE and Capex Accruals Tracking - Land and Lease Management




Plunger Lift Optimization - well Production




Raw Data Integrations across ERP systems - well Production




The Amorphic Solution - Overview

We are a new class of data & analytics solution provider


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Amorphic, One Data & Analytic Platform and Modernization Solution for Oil & Gas


Amorphic, One Data & Analytic Platform and Modernization Solution for Oil & Gas


Customer Success Stories

Amorphic Enables SGN to Realize Over £3 Million in Cost Savings
Amorphic Enables SGN to realize over £3 million in cost savings

What our customers say about Amorphic

Abigail Burgess

“Cloudwick and Amorphic allows us to focus on things that really matter such as providing excellent customer service and operational excellence, whilst having best in class partners to work with.”

Abigail Burgess

Data & Analytics Manager, SGN
Bryan Becker_BKV

“I needed an AWS Solution Provider that understood Oil & Gas and could provide a new AWS data and analytic platform for modernizing BKV’s pipeline operations and business analytics. In just 7 months Cloudwick had completely migrated and modernized our infrastructure, data, and systems into Amorphic and AWS allowing my IT and Data Teams to act on our data faster, easier, and with better insights driving better business visibility and performance."

Bryan Becker

VP of IT, BKV Corporation
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