• A unified cloud analytics platform to store and process publicly available molecular and biochemical datasets into Amorphic.
  • Built-in ingestion, Zero ETL pipelines to build curated knowledge graphs.
  • On demand set up of compute and ML resources to train specialized deep learning models.
  • Dashboards to sift through profiling and screening outputs during the drug discovery phase.
  • Input experimental data back into the knowledge graph to keep refining ML models.
Drug Discovery full video

Amorphic for Life Sciences

Amorphic for LS



AWS/3rd party services


Automated Ingestion & ETL, Text and Document Analytics, Search, Cataloguing, Knowledge Graphs, Image Analysis, Genome Profiling.

Pre built Tableau dashboards for Drug Discovery

Amazon S3/Athena, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, AWS AI services, Amazon Neptune, Tableau, Amazon Quicksight, AWS deep learning AMIs. Amazon Elastic Search, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Kinesis



Faster time to compound discovery
Cost optimization with minimal data engineering
On demand compute resources
Enables Agile drug development

Getting Started

Getting Started
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